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Illusionaut 3 :icontigerdriverdave:tigerdriverdave 23 9
Mature content
Illusionaut 2 :icontigerdriverdave:tigerdriverdave 34 6
Mature content
Illusionaut :icontigerdriverdave:tigerdriverdave 61 14
Build your own 2
"OK everyone welcome back. I hope you all had a chance to check that both Lisa here and her box is quite real and indeed quite sawn in two? Good.... thank you ....  Now as you can see we have moved to the side of the store here. And to this wall in particular".
Matt waved towards a very plain looking piece of brick wall that made up the outside wall of the store. A small performance area had been cleared from the power tools display.
"Now as you know todays show is sponsored by Supergunk glue and we have already used some to make sure Lisa didn't spill out of her box here after her ... separation. So i thought we would show just how strong this stuff is, once again with the help of Lisa here".
There was a gentle ripple of applause as Matt picked up a gun for the sticky goo.
"Jim Stella if I could prevail upon you once again, could you bring the box with Lisa's legs over please?"
Lisa watched with a detached helplessness as the rough wooden container holding her lower half was carr
:icontigerdriverdave:tigerdriverdave 37 16
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Build your own Saw box :icontigerdriverdave:tigerdriverdave 43 9
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Show time 3 :icontigerdriverdave:tigerdriverdave 29 7
Show time 2
Quinn took a deep breath . And then another. Matt's offer was both terrifying and a chance of a lifetime. In the end saying yes was inevitable. She had been mad about magic for as long as she could remember and still hoovered up youtube videos and the ever rarer magical item on tv even though she knew how all the classics worked as well as most actual illusionists. But what she had just seen happen to the assistant she had no answer for and that was both exciting her and driving her nuts.
The pretty brown haired girl seemed happy enough even though she was still trapped in a tin can not much larger than a cookie barrel. Matt had wheeled his compressed assistant to one end of the stage and invited audience members up on stage to check that she definitely was real while he did a couple more card tricks to give Quinn time to change.
Which brought Quinn to her current dilemma. Matt had had a stage hand direct her backstage to change. She wasn't entirely sure why she had to change, and now
:icontigerdriverdave:tigerdriverdave 44 5
Show time 1
Lisa blinked as she pushed the cart into the darkness to the left of the stage. As she discarded the props for the previous magic rings trick she was listening to Matt's patter while he produced cards from audience members clothes. The show was going well and doing some normal magic was a welcome break from a busy period of rather full on assignments. 
"Ok Ladies and gentlemen we are getting to the business end of this evening's show, so please welcome back the outstandingly lovely Lisa for this evenings first big illusion"
On cue Lisa walked back on to the stage  grinning at the applause and attention. She had no clue what would happen in the final segment of the show but as ever that was part of the fun. Stopping by Matt's side she took a deep bow to acknowledge the audience reaction to her return. A not altogether unwelcome side effect was to give quite a view of her impressive cleavage.  When Matt had put Lisa back together earlier that afternoon he had selected the
:icontigerdriverdave:tigerdriverdave 44 7
Devant's Part 3
Beach Volley Ball.
Authors note: This is a story idea I’ve been mulling over a while but never got around to writing. It may feature an old favourite if you’ve liked my previous stuff. I’ve taken a few liberties, i.e. it takes place in the future, 2012 London Olympics to be precise, and features a well known ‘Glamour Model’ that may not be as suitable for the tale as when I had the original idea but hey ho, after all it is a work of fiction so I can do what I want. Anyway enough of the twaddle and onto the story.
“Welcome everyone to Brighton Beach”, announced Devant in the glorious and rare British summer sunshine.
He stood on a large stage, slightly elevated off the sand, in front of a large crowd sitting on a temporary stand. In front of the stage, the Beach Volleyball court was marked out.
Behind him was an apparently large piece of apparatus covered by an equally large cloth.
“You know usually I wouldn’t agree to a performance outside m
:iconlazloe-woodbine:Lazloe-woodbine 40 4
Devant's Part 2
The Show.
You walk in between the separate (lengthways) halves of a lady, to a large room where trays on legs carry drinks to the punters.
You make your way to the front and take a seat at the table, after all only the best for you.
A creamy coloured arm waves up at you through the table while one of the trays approaches you. You take a drink and put some cash in the box in the centre of the tray. The lid closes then opens again to reveal the correct amount of change, which you leave as a more than generous tip. The lid closes and opens once more and you are not surprised to see that the money has vanished.
“Thank you.” A voice says from nowhere, “please enjoy the show.”
You sit back, take a sip of your drink and think to yourself, ‘I’m sure I will.’
Another full night in Devant’s, but that wasn’t unusual as every night was a sell out.
Karl looked over the crowd from the wings. This was what he lived for, the thrill of the performance. Once
:iconlazloe-woodbine:Lazloe-woodbine 42 1
Devant's Part 1
Getting Ready for the Night (an introduction).
“Come on people! We only have an hour before opening!” cried Karl from the stage. He always got a little edgy before a performance, despite his experience, and this tended to show while setting up. His employees didn’t mind though, overall he was a good man and they were paid well. If there was one thing Karl wasn’t short of it was money.
Karl was owner and performer here and the Club was sold out for every performance. With up to a three-month wait for tickets, Karl made sure the workforce was looked after. Still there was a lot to do in the last hour and that always made him a little skittish.
This is Devant’s, known locally as Double D’s, not so much in homage to the legendary magician but to the average size of the staff. It boasted the finest magic show in Europe, some may have said the world but Karl was a modest man and would smile at such a suggestion.
“Selena, Michelle, we need you now!” Kar
:iconlazloe-woodbine:Lazloe-woodbine 54 1
Mature content
Back Rent (chapter 4) :iconassistantann:assistantann 38 19
Mature content
Back Rent (chapter 3) :iconassistantann:assistantann 17 1
Mature content
Back Rent (chapter 2) :iconassistantann:assistantann 13 0
Back Rent (chapter 1)
Ann was a 28 year accountant who had been laid off from her well paid job for nearly 6 months. After being laid off she had sent out hundreds of resumes and reached out to contacts from her previous jobs, but as one rejection letter after another came in she grew more desperate, she had taken a job as a waitress but it just wasn't enough, her trips to the salon, manicurist, eating out at nice restaurants, and shopping trips were a thing of the past. What was worse was that she was falling behind on her bills. She loved her nice apartment, but she hadn't been able to pay the rent in 3 months and was afraid the eviction notice would come any day. She had always used the buildings gym 2 or 3 times a week to stay in shape. During her last few workouts she noticed two strange men just hanging around who seemed not to hide the fact that they were checking her out her in her tight workout clothes. She knew that since she wasn't as busy with work as she used to be she had been spending more ti
:iconassistantann:assistantann 24 1
Not another sawing
"Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome back on stage the incredibly lovely LISA !! " 
Lisa took a deep breath and strode back into the spotlight. Enjoying the warm welcome she bowed gently then struck a confident pose. The first part of the show had gone smoothly enough. During the interval she had slipped out of the halter top dress she had been wearing to reveal her costume for the big illusion this evening. Although costume was rather overstating things.  Lisa was in fact stood under the bright white lights wearing nothing but a dusting of gold and silver glitter between her legs and around her nipples. It covered very little and hid nothing. She loved it.
Trying to effect an air of casual confidence Lisa watched as Matt positioned the next prop. She wasn't really listening to his banter. The trick seemed to consist of nothing more than a frame about six foot square set vertically on a raised platform. It looked a bit like an empty picture frame seemingly only a couple of in
:icontigerdriverdave:tigerdriverdave 37 8



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